Title: Aladdin - Nasiras Revenge   Developer: Argonaut   Type: Platform Adventure Kids
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Aladdin - Nasiras Revenge
"Are you a diamond in the rough? Well, here's a chance to prove it..! This action packed 3D platform adventure stars the one and only Aladdin, as he tries to rid Agrabar from the evil clutches of Jafar's wicked sister Nasira."
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Fans of Disney\'s original Aladdin movie should remember that it ended with the evil Jafar (the bad-guy) being defeated and getting himself trapped inside a magical underground tomb.

On hearing this, his sister Nasira has set off in search of some special artifacts, that when combined, will free her brother. Our hero must stop her, while at the same time rescuing Princess Jasmine... who has been kidnapped.

Nasiras Revenge is essentially a 3D platform game that allows you to go anywhere within each level - kind of like a Tomb Raider for kids. The adventure element is pretty much restricted to wandering around trying to find keys that unlock the many large iron gates that hinder your progress through each area. As it\'s aimed at the younger gamer, its fair to say that they are never too far away and can usually be uncovered by defeating an enemy, smashing a crate, or throwing an apple at an object that is out of reach.

As is traditional, there are coins and gems to collect on your travels, some which are used in the end of level bonus area for power-ups and extra lives. Essential heath top-ups are scattered around each area too, hidden inside various objects.

During the first level, your pal the genie will pop up frequently to give you advice on how to tackle a situation, or perform a particular move. Okay, so no-one can compete with Robin Williams amazing characterization, but the guy who has done the voice does a very good job of carrying the torch. He\'s witty, he\'s funny, he\'s... annoying, as only Genie could be!

Many of the guards will try to block doorways, or important switches and will need to be tackled in various different ways, that often require a little thought. Fire-eaters also pose a different kind of threat, as do the burning coal pits and hanging ropes. There are also a million kinds of platform to leap across… some moving up and down, others left to right. Our advice is to take your time, as it\'s very easy to miss a jump and end up as fish-food for the piranhas... or worse !

What adventure would be complete without some dramatic music? Not only does it fit the mood of the moment, but, some of the brilliant original scores from the Aladdin soundtrack, have found their way, onto the disc… Including the hit: \'A whole new world\'.

Aladdin, and other characters, look really nice, I didn\'t notice any rough edges, the characters all look smooth, and colorful. The way the camera sweeps around, can be disorientating, but you can manually swing it back around to your viewpoint. Movement is awkward at times, I can\'t make up my mind whether I prefer to use the analogue sticks or the buttons, but at least the controls are easy to pick up... with \'L1\' to look/aim, and \'CIRCLE\' to walk innocently, past sleeping store vendors, (Aladdin whistles \'one step\' while doing this, trying to look inconspicuous, it\'s amusing to watch). \'X\' is jump, and \'SQUARE\' activates the sword, or throws objects.

The backgrounds are 3D and are taken from the film, so as you\'d expect they look pretty good. The character animations are nicely done too, I really liked the way the fire-eaters coughed and spluttered (smoke pouring out of their mouths), when pelted with apples. Another nice touch was that instead of the boring old life bar that most games seem to use, these looked like they\'ve been framed in an ornate pattern, fitting in nicely with the whole mood of the game.

Battle palace guards and HUGE spiders, amongst many others

High speed magic carpet rides

Plot enhancing cinematics

Locations from the original film and more

Solve puzzles

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 1 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 1 Players (without Multi-tap)
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Analog Sticks
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Sam Witts  "I\'ve really enjoyed playing this game, I think the storyline is intriguing, and the gameplay flows really well. It was really nice to play a game without having to worry about changing weapons or ammo, we all need a break from full on fighting, and this....ladies and gents, is our chance.

Nasira\'s Revenge is definitely worth a look at, and will more likely appeal to those who love Croc or Crash Bandicoot. As each level is completed, the difficulty increases, and with different challenges that come up along the way, the player shouldn\'t get bored too easily."
Graphics  11/20
Playability  29/50
Sound  5/10
Lastability  15/20
This game is little more than average and we advise renting or play-testing before considering a purchase.
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