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PlayStation Cheats and Tips

Written By: James Dunford

The Sony PlayStation actually has a history... a quite controversial one at that. The PlayStation is the product of the un-consummated relationship between the Sony Corp. and Nintendo of Japan. The PlayStation was the name and designation of the vaporware SNES CD-ROM. NOJ and the Sony Corp. briefly combined in a joint effort in order to create a CD-ROM peripheral for the SNES; for the purpose of competing with the Sega-CD. However, NOJ suddenly defaulted on the agreement and re-announced the SNES CD, to be developed by Phillips Electronics; a European corporation. This version of the SNES CD never came to fruition, and the Sony Corp. was stuck with a working model of the SNES CD; known as the PlayStation.
What to do!? Well, the Sony Corp. enhanced it, combined with LSI Logic Technologies for chip design(s), and finally released it into competition with the 'next generation' consoles; with its sights set primarily upon the Nintendo Ultra 64.

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