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PlayStation Cheats and Tips

Written By: Spit

Playstation games consoles appear in many different colors.

The Black console is the Net Yaroze, a home development kit. Check out the individual FAQ in the this section for further info.

The White Playstation is MPEG compatible allowing CD movies to be played through the console and was released in Asia where these type of movies were hugely popular. It also contains a vastly improved chip-based security system within it's casing. There are no plans to release this console outside of Asia.

The Blue Playstation is a multi-format console used by development teams to program and playtest their work. They are also used by journalists to review early code for preview purposes and do not require a country code to allow loading gold discs.

Only the Standard Gray and Black consoles are available to gamers although several companies sell the ordinary console with the casing brightened up with multicolored designs.

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