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How do you connect a Playstation console to a PC monitor?
Written By: Keith

In a word- you dont.

Reason is- a PSX puts out a very low frequency signal. (approx 15.7kHz scanning frequency), whereas your average PC multisync monitor can only sync to a signal between 33 and 58kHz frequency. A 15kHz video signal would flip and roll horribly as the monitor could not scan down to that low frequency.

Optionally- what you CAN do is purchase one of numerous PC boards that are designed to let you watch TV/Video on your PC. This boards are fairly reasonably priced and some offer tuners for even plugging in cable and watching your favorite TV shows in a window on your Win95 PC Desktop. These boards have hardware to buffer and synchronize the signal, and overlay it on screen regions controlled by your computer.

A trip to your local PC dealer will provide more insight. I've seen dozens of these PC boards, some requiring RF input, some using standard RCA Video cables (like stock US PSX models include), and a plethora of groovy features. Prices start around $100 or so.

Alternatively if you can get hold of an Amiga monitor, then you can simply plug it up. You will then have a very sharp image that accept both NTCS and PAL.

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