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History of:
Dual Shock Analog Controller
Written By: SCEE

2nd April 1998: SCEE announces the latest breakthrough in hand held Controllers for PlayStation - the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK).

The Dual Shock was released in May to coincide with the release of Gran Turismo, will be based on the favoured ergonomic design of the best selling standard PlayStation Controller. The revolutionary new Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) boasts digital and analogue control plus a built-in multi-frequency vibration function that delivers a variety of feedback sensations so that players can really feel a knockout punch, the hum of an engine or the aftershock of an explosion as it happens onscreen.

In addition to all the standard buttons, the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) is equipped with twin analogue thumb sticks that offer 360° manoeuvrability and enhanced responsiveness - essential for the increasingly sophisticated free-roaming 3D PlayStation environments.

The Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) is compatible with all existing PlayStation titles in digital mode and a rapidly increasing number of titles in analogue mode. The first title to offer digital, analog and vibration compatibility is Gran Turismo - the ground breaking racing simulation game, where DUAL SHOCK has been fundamental in creating the most realistic driving experience ever, allowing the player to feel every bump, nudge and wheelspin, every pot hole and every camber - in fact every single inch of the track.

A wave of DUAL SHOCK compatible games will then follow including Cardinal Syn, Dead or Alive, Tekken 3, Medievil, Kula World and Ghost in the Shell to name but a few. In addition many third-party game developers and publishers - such as Electronic Arts, Activision, Rage Software, GT Interactive and Gremlin - have recognised the enormous benefits of supporting DUAL SHOCK with the majority of titles in development expected to be compatible where appropriate.

Welcome the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK) the latest sensation in Official PlayStation peripherals and truly feel the power of PlayStation.

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I