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What is a PDA?
Written By: SCEE

A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant.

19th February 1998: SCEI develops a miniature PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) as an extension of the PlayStation Memory card

SCEI has developed a miniature size PDA as an extension of the PlayStation memory card. This product is aimed for release in Japan, next winter. The technical specifications will be available to PlayStation licensees in Japan, effective from today.

The PDA has a programmable 32 bit RISC processor, together with a LCD screen, sound and communication capabilities. This PDA is not aimed for business or office applications, but for personal entertainment, including gaming.

The PDA functions as a memory card for the PlayStation. It also can be played separately, apart from the console, thereby enabling the consumer to use it anywhere, including outdoors. It also has a clock function which enables applications such as personal schedulers or applications that utilise the flow of time and changes in the season as a feature.

By using the infra red communication capability, exchange of data can be done anytime, anywhere, between two PDA's directly, without using the console as the bridge. In addition, data communication between other devices with infra red capability will also be made possible depending on application software.

Like PlayStation games, CD-ROM is used as the media to supply application software. The application is downloaded into the PDA through the memory card slot on the PlayStation game console. Therefore, software for the PDA can be supplied together with PlayStation game software. As software is downloaded, the PDA can be used for various applications (i.e. the PDA is not a single function, or a fixed application device).

SCEI will further develop this device as a new type of PDA which enhances personal enjoyment.


•CPU:ARMT7T 32 bit RISC Processor
•Memory: SRAM 2K bytes, Flash RAM 128K bytes
•Graphics: 32 x 32 dot monochrome LCD
•Sound: Piezoelectric speaker (4 bit PCM)
•Switches: 5 input buttons, 1 reset button
•Others:Bi-directional infra red communication LED
Calendar function Identification number Battery

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I