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Written By: Sony

The DVD platform will soon bring movie theater excitement into millions of homes. Brighter colors, sharper pictures, and outstanding audio quality make it a unique home entertainment experience. And with a 4.7 gigabyte capacity, a standard DVD disc can hold hours of full motion video and sound.

How is DVD different from CD? For greater data density, there are smaller pits, a more closely-spaced track and a shorter- wavelength red laser. The error correction is more robust. And thanks to Sony technology, the modulation scheme is more efficient. All this means that a standard DVD can hold 4.7 gigabytes of data - an amazing seven times the data capacity of a current Compact Disc! So you'll enjoy higher-resolution pictures, more channels of digital sound, richer graphics, and far more multimedia. Not enough? Dual-layer DVDs can hold more than twelve times the information of a CD on a single side. So there's no need to turn the disc over.

DVD is major news for anyone who owns a television - and anyone who enjoys movies. Thanks to digital video decoding technology, DVD delivers far and away the best color, sharpness and clarity in home video. In fact, a DVD picture approaches the "D-1" TV studio production standard. And thanks to variable bit-rate MPEG2 compression, it all fits easily onto a single side of a 4-3/4-inch disc. In fact, a single-layer DVD can hold a 2 hour 13 minute movie with room to spare for Dolby« Digitalá discrete 5. 1-channel digital soundtracks! Dual-layer, single-sided discs can hold movies more than four hours long. And because DVD is an optical disc, you get instant access. You can play it repeatedly without wear and tear. You'll never need to rewind.

Digital convergence is erasing the old distinctions between entertainment and information, recreation and education. So it's the perfect time for Sony DVD-ROM. With up to 8.5 gigabytes capacity on a single side - it's the optical disc that gives you more. More on-line capacity for software publishers. More room for large databases. And high-quality full-motion video for better interactive games.

DVD-ROM drives are also speed readers. Even a standard DVD-ROM blasts along at higher data transfer rates than even the fastest current CD-ROM. Since they're able to play your existing CD-ROMs, DVD-ROM drives also respect the past. And with the possibility of DVD-Write Once and DVD-Rewritable, this format is focused on the future.

Best of all, DVD is supported by the world's leading hardware manufacturers and software companies. But Sony is involved in every link of the DVD chain: from manufacturing MPEG2 encoders, laser pickups, disc drives and decoding devices, all the way to replicating discs and developing content.

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