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DVD Questions and Answers
Written By: SCEI

Q.What is DVD?

A.DVD looks like a Compact Disc. But instead of just playing music, it delivers more than two hours of high-quality video - for movies, children's programming or music concerts.

A single-sided, single-layer DVD can contain up to 133 minutes of video enough to handle 95% of all movies, without the interruption of flipping the disc over or changing discs.

The optical disc technology of DVD completely outperforms videotape. For example, you can play a DVD hundreds of times, without picture degradation. You can go from scene to scene in a split second without rewinding!

Because DVDs can deliver more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution, the picture detail is more than twice as good as a VCR.

DVDs aren't just for the eyes, they are truly music to your ears. They feature a new audio system: Dolby Digital™ multi-channel surround sound. Unlike Dolby Pro Logic® sound, the new system is all-digital. Separate Left and Right Surround channels deliver pin-point accurate sound effects. What’s more, a special bass effects channel brings added realism to movie sound tracks and music videos.

Q.Why do I need a DVD player if I have a VCR?

A.Like the evolution from vinyl LP records to Compact Discs, DVD was designed to be the next generation of home video entertainment. DVDs offer digital sound and picture, with video resolution twice as good as your VCR!

Q.How durable are DVDs?A.Remember the first time you connected a CD to your home stereo? The music had no scratching or popping. DVDs do the same for movies and videos, with quality that won't degrade, even after thousands of plays.

Q.Will DVDs play on my existing television?

A.Yes. You can connect a DVD Player to virtually any existing TV.

Q.Do I have to upgrade my system to enjoy DVD?

A.No. You can get started with just a DVD Player. Of course, you can always upgrade later, adding an A/V receiver or Dolby Digital™ decoder and a six-speaker package.

Q.Can I rent DVDs as I do videocassettes?

A.As DVD catches on, video stores will add DVD into the mix. Many video rental stores are already offering DVD for sale and rental.

Q.How many movies are currently available on DVD?

A.The list is growing every day. It's impossible to keep a list current. 

Q.Can I record on DVD?

A.Recordable DVD for computer applications first appeared late in 1998. Consumer DVD video recorders may become available, but well into the future.

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