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PlayStation Cheats and Tips

Written By: James Dunford

It has been announced that certain revisions (Rev) of PlayStations might not be compatible. In Japan two versions of the PS exist. The original SCPH-1000 (Rev A) and the SCPH-3000 (Rev B), the latter does not have a dedicated S-video port. This is an evil move on Sony's part, where they saved a dollar on manufacturing, while we lose by having to buy the dedicated AV cable ($15) rather than a standard S-Video cable which would be much cheaper. The initial worldwide release will be a batch of the SCPH-3000 (Rev B), without the S-Video port, allowing you to buy the cable that suits you, S-Video, SCART (RGB) or RF (Arrgggh!).

After the initial batch run out Sony will release the Rev C PS, enabling Sony to bring the cost of the PS below the $299 price point, maybe by $20 or even up to $50 in time for the holiday buying season (Xmas/Thanksgiving). The Rev C machine potentially has compatibility problems with early Japanese software, due to using cheaper RAM, however it is promised that no problems will exist with US-released software.

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I