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Developer  ASCII Game Type  Sport
Distributor  ASCII Date Posted  May 00
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image       Now, for the first time, a surfing game is available on the PlayStation2. Players can enjoy the real-time changeable waves on the screen. Weather is also changeable, so players can enjoy surfing in a variety of situations such as through a tropical storm and under the roll of thunder.

ASCII Corporation of Japan have announced the development of two surfing games for PlayStation2. The games are designed to take full advantage of the PlayStation2's technological features and will come complete with an exclusive surfboard controller attachment.

imageUp until now it was impossible to accurately simulate the movement of water and waves using computer generated graphics. But, using the PlayStation2 emotion engine, ASCII has successfully created real-time wave effects for the first time in the video game industry.

Using this proprietary technology, ASCII is currently developing a surfing arcade-style action game for release this summer and a sports simulation surfing title for spring 2001. These titles will focus heavily on giving players the opportunity to feel the power of gigantic waves with the ability to paddle out to prime locals, drop in, and shoot the tube.

image"The PlayStation2 allows us the technology and capabilities to be able to accurately represent ocean currents and undertows to, in turn, create enormous waves-the kind that surfers only dream of riding," said Ricky Tanimoto, International Business Development Representative for ASCII.

"For the first time ever in the video game market, we will be able to bring gamers a true surfing experience at home."

imageBoth titles will also ship with a surfboard-shaped attachment designed specifically for the Sony Dual Shock 2 controller. The attachment, which rests atop the two analog sticks, will allow for a completely intuitive surfing experience. Using this special add-on, surfers will be able to carve the faces of the waves with ease.

At this time, the publisher for North America and Europe is still being negotiated. The formal announcement will be made after the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles