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Warriors of Might and Magic
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Developer  3DO Game Type  Action
Distributor  3DO Date Posted  May 00
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image       The Warriors of Might and Magic game infuses the award-winning Might and Magic franchise with intense hand-to-hand combat, a new, intuitive gameplay interface, awe-inspiring lighting and special effects, and an innovative new fighting system.

In the tradition of all Might and Magic games, Warriors of Might and Magic will bring to life a compelling story with vivid graphics, streamlined gameplay, intriguing characters and NPCs, and rewarding character development.

imageTorn from the life he knew - by forces intent on his destruction - and forced to wear painful mask as testament to crime he didn't commit.

One man must embark on journey to discover the truth about himself and the world he must save. Yet as his enemies close in, he finds himself at the center of a prophecy that he wants no part of, and which compels him to make a decision no man should have to.

imageBut then again, this is no ordinary man. And this is no ordinary tale. This is Warriors of Might & Magic. Destiny is calling - Are you man enough to answer it?

Warriors comes hard on the heels of Crusaders of Might and Magic where player controlled Drake, a loner. Toughened by exposure, hardship, he spent his life fighting the scourge that destroyed his family as a boy, while being swept up into the midst of a new Crusade. He eventually joined the High Guard to rid the lands of the Legion of the Fallen.

image· Intense combat action.
   Melee based combat rather than guns/shooting
   Special Fighting moves

· Enhanced technology
   4th generation game engine
   Brighter more detailed environments than ever before
   More polygons and special mapping

· Detailed story and character progression
   Dozens of intriguing characters and personalities
   Aleron the accused Hero, Daria his arch Rival
   A Heroic story of betrayal and redemption