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Alien Resurrection
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Developer  Fox Game Type  Action
Distributor  Fox Date Posted  May 00
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image       Alien Resurrection Inspired by the sci-fi Fox film, Fox Interactive has resurrected the Alien franchise to create a stomach-wrenching, outer-space fight for survival.

Gamers will experience the ultimate adrenaline-pumping terror and blood-curdling action in this innovative first-person shooter for PlayStation.

imagePlayers race against time to eradicate the alien menace and stop the evil Dr. Wren from returning alien specimens to Earth.

Gamers must think fast, think smart and show no mercy as they use awesome firepower to seek out and destroy the most vicious and rapacious enemy that mankind has ever faced. Alien Resurrection will be available on PlayStation in Q3 2000.

Cutting-Edge Technology
image       Alien Resurrection is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping, blood-curdling first-person action game. Check out these amazing features:

A fully 360 degree first-person 3D polygonal engine with real-time lighting, stunning visual effects and a destructible environment unlike anything seen before delivers next-generation graphics technology on the PlayStation!

Alien Resurrection provides four playable characters, with different skills, abilities and weapons. Take on the role of Ripley, Call, DiStephano, and Christie.

imageFast-paced action and adventure is meshed with various problem solving, or strategy elements to provide more intelligent challenge than most action/adventures. Puzzle elements are

The game’s digital sound effects and ambient background audio created by the movie’s Oscar-nominated sound design team, and presented in Dolby Surround for a totally immersive aural experience.

Ten colossal levels stream seamlessly from the CD in the background as you play to provide an immense explorable environment featuring multiple stories, walkways, galleries, rooms, underwater areas and more.

imageAll of the legendary weapons from the Alien world including: Pulse Rifle, Shotgun, Flame-thrower, Pistol, Electro Gun (Burner), Grenade Launcher, Laser Gun and Rocket Launcher, and Christie’s surgically-attached dual wrist Pistols.

Alien Warriors move fluidly between floors, walls, ceilings and vents, communicating telepathically in order to stalk, swarm and decimate their prey using multiple attacks.

Alien Queens lay eggs. Eggs hatch face-huggers, face-hugged humans chest-burst, and chest-bursters grow into Alien Warriors, who collect human hosts — the horrific life cycle continues…