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The World Is Not Enough
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Developer  MGM Game Type  Various
Distributor  EA Date Posted  May 00
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My Name Is Bond... PSX2 Bond
image       Electronic Arts Ltd. and MGM Interactive are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the next James Bond-based interactive entertainment title, The World Is Not Enough, based on the blockbuster film of the same name.

This will be the first project to come out of an exclusive licensing deal secured with MGM Interactive, Danjaq LLC and Eon Productions.

The game is being designed for Playstation 2 computer entertainment system, PC CD-ROM and Playstation game console system and is due for release in late 2000.

imageThe World Is Not Enough game stays faithful to the Bond legacy by delivering all the furious action, stealth, state-of-the-art gadgets and sophisticated spycraft that Bond fans expect.

Building upon the movie storyline, players will assume the role of James Bond, who must take it upon himself to confront the film’s treacherous villains – as well as new adversaries, created exclusively for the game.

Bond will also encounter many recognisable allies, who play an important part in achieving mission objectives, similar to that of the film.

image       Key Game Features

· Full 3D highly-realistic environments – many of the enormous arenas and levels will be based on familiar movie scenes and locales

· First-person perspective gameplay – experience the game’s rich, detailed environments from this engrossing point of view

· Platform-specific feature sets – each version of the game will be designed to make optimum use of its platform’s technical capabilities.

· Multi-player gameplay options – each version will feature multiplay options specific to its hardware

· Use of id Software’s Quake 3 Arena engine for Playstation 2 and PC CD-ROM versions – this will elevate the quality of graphics and special effects through smooth, curved surface rendering, high detail textures, volumetric fog and specular lighting

· New graphics engine for Playstation version – this will be capable of rendering the richest environments ever seen for the Playstation

· Newly revamped precision targeting system for Playstation version – this will allow pinpoint accuracy when using a weapon or gadget