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Music 2000
"Turns your PSX into a recording studio" Image Loading...
Developer: Jester
Distributor: Codemasters
Game Type: Utility
Preview Date: July 99
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Image Loading...With the original MUSIC software, Codemasters redefined the market's expectations for music creativity software, traditionally viewed as a niche product for a specialist home-studio audience.

The pan-European mass-market success has sealed Codemasters' commitment to publish a sequel - MUSIC 2000
What's it all about..?
      MUSIC, launched November 98 and endorsed by DJ Judge Jules, achieved pan-European chart success throughout the peak-season going top 10 in the UK and top 5 in Germany.

Image Loading...Big name clubs, DJs, artists and recording labels paid MUSIC serious attention and are eager to be closely associated with the launch of the sequel.

The software for MUSIC 2000 is far more powerful with additional elements implemented for the casual music maker while the possibilities for the more experienced computer music composer have been enhanced.

Image Loading...For the casual music maker, MUSIC 2000 sequel will feature the possibility of a simple plug-in microphone for sampling, a more diverse selection of musical styles - including rock and indie - and MUSIC JAM a gameplay element which enables four players to enter a jamming session with each other in real-time.

True 24-track generation and MIDI compatibility are designed to appeal to the more experienced user. A refreshed intuitive graphic user interface, which can be switched between icon-driven or drop-down feature menus, has been designed from the ground up.

Image Loading...Gavin Morgan, managing director of Jester Interactive says: "To address the current market, MUSIC 2000 is now even simpler to use, and made more immediate with MUSIC JAM, yet we acknowledge the more musically-minded sector and have increased the software's potential with such benefits as MIDI compatibility. "The market penetration that Codemasters achieved with MUSIC is staggering for music generation software. Codemasters' determination to build on this even further makes us very proud."

What do we think..?
      We loved the original MUSIC, however it fell short of being a true utility that could be compared to many of the PC sequencers. The above improvements (especially the MIDI interface) mean that this could become a real money saving option for home musicians and mixing fanatics around the world.

Better still, the new tie-up between Codemasters and Activision in the USA means that this product will be released to both European and American markets.

We are expecting review code within the next few weeks and will update this preview with our hands-on experiences soon after that.
When Can You Expect..?
      Check our RELEASE DATES section to find out when its out in your area.

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