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Star Ixion
"The PlayStation-exclusive follow-up to the arcade game 'Star Luster'" Image Loading...
Developer: Namco
Distributor: Sony
Game Type: Shooter
Preview Date: Aug 99
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Image Loading...Namco's latest space shoot-em-up uses characters and craft from many of their older classics like 'Starblade', 'Galaxian' and 'Galaga'

It is the 25th Century, and mankind has begun to customise stars to make them suitable for life to exist far from Earth.
The Story So Far...
      As mankind establishes itself as the dominant life-form of the universe, various space tribes mount an attack on Earth's territories.
You play a member of the United Galaxy Space Force, a strategic mobile unit dedicated to protecting Earth's territories against alien attack.

Image Loading...The United Galaxy Space Force (UGSF) forms a strategic mobile unit "Team Gaia" to prepare for the first space war in their history and assigns you to pilot a highly manoeuvrable fighter-craft to guard and protect them and their people.

You must employ a combination of strategy and all-out attack to combat the menace and keep Earth save from hoards of alien invaders.
The awesome cinematic intro makes full use of PlayStation capabilities to give you the sensation of existing in infinite space.

There are two play styles: Use a strategic approach to select a target. Then, by moving to the enemy formation, you will enter combat, engaging the enemy fighters in a dogfight.

This is the PlayStation-exclusive follow-up to the arcade game 'Star Luster', improving on the original game with each alien having individual attack tactics. Plus different types of plane and weapons available. An altogether deeper simulation with more shooting styles
Image Loading...There are three game modes: TRAINING, in which you learn basic strategy and how to control your plane, COMMAND, where you clear small-scale missions one after another, and CONQUEST, which is a large-scale mission where you must clear all of the space tribes, which are deployed at the same time. Conquest is a hidden mode, accessed through successful completion of the COMMAND mode.

Doubtless you will spot polygon versions of characters and craft from many of Namco's older classics like 'Starblade', 'Galaxian' and 'Galaga'.

Star Ixion is compatible with Memory Cards, the Arcade Stick, the Analog Joystick and the Analog Controller (DUAL SHOCK).
• Awesome cinematic intro
• Two play styles
• Deeper simulation with more shooting styles
• Three game modes
• Characters and craft from many of Namco's older classics
• Dual Shock and Analog Compatible
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