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Blaze & Blade
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Developer Options
Distributer Funsoft T.B.A
Game Type RPG  
Preview Date November 1998  
The Story So Far ...

Battling the forces of absolute darkness is a challenge for even the most seasoned adventurer. Fortunately, help is finally at hand with the arrival of Blaze & Blade.

In a first for RPG games, up to four players can now take part simultaneously on one screen in this dark RPG. Single players aren't left on their own either, as the computer's powerful Al takes control of the other three party members.

To further enhance the multiplayer game, weapons, items and even characters can be exchanged between machines (by memory card on PlayStation) so you'll never be short of help on a quest.

The game is set in a stunningly drawn 3D environment, and its non-linear structure gives you complete freedom to explore the world. Quests can be accepted, completed or returned to later, allowing you plenty of time to acquire equipment and hone your party's skills.

Blaze & Blade marks a major step forward in RPG gaming combining the best traditions of role playing games with the capabilities of today's technology.

Key Blaze & Blade features:
· The first truly multiplayer RPG with split-screen four-player action
· Play with friends and even swap characters and equipment between machines -using RAM packs on PlayStation version of the game and disks on PC
· Eight character classes all with different abilities
· Automapping allows players to never get lost and just get on with playing Supporting Features
· Release date: November '98 PC CD-ROMI PlayStation