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Developer Human Entertainment Options
Distributer ASCII T.B.A
Game Type Strategy  
Preview Date E3 1999  
The Story So Far ...

ASCII Entertainment Software, Inc. is presently developing Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

The sequel to the original horror adventure, Clock Tower released last year, Clock Tower II promises to have all of the thrills and chills that its predecessor mustered up, plus a whole lot more in this gory new storyline.

Trapped in a world where the coldness and dark void of nothingness consumes everything, players must find a way to escape from the horror that surrounds them.

To add an even more intense feel to this title, it is Sony Dual Shock compatible. Now the chills that run through your spine will be combined with the shaking and rumbling of your own two hands as you pray for the end to come.

Players take control of a character plagued by split personalities, on a search for answers in an extensive game environment filled with terrifying enemies. Switching between the two personalities will be the only way to stay alive long enough to transcend the evil.

Along the way, battle zombies, a crazed knife-wielding child, and attempt to solve mid-bending puzzles before time runs out and the Grim Reaper comes calling.

With 13 different endings and the ability to switch personalities, Clock Tower II promises to deliver all of the nail-biting, gut-wrenching horror the original possessed.

Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within is set to be released in the coming months for the PlayStation game console.