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July 1997

The Story So Far ...

Eidos Interactive, the company behind the immensely successful Tomb Raider, are excited to announce they have acquired the official FIA F1 license and are releasing Power F1 this September. The game is being developed by Lankhor (Paris) who created the Mega Drive racer that was the first Formula 1 game to hold the official Fuji licence and their aim is to set the new benchmark for racing simulations.

F1 will include all of the thirteen constructor teams and drivers that took part in the Grand Prix Racing Championship of the 1995 season, while the engineers from McLaren, one of the world's leading F1 teams, have acted as a technical resource throughout the development period.

This relationship has resulted in F1 incorporating unparalleled levels of realism. All of the constructors cars have been authentically represented right down to the last nut and bolt. Lankhor have incorporated a true force model of the F1 racing car where all the main settings can be altered in the pits.

The game offers multiple choices of viewing angles, so when driving with the camera set to the in-car mode you can visibly see the working instrument panel that provides regular updates on your cars revs and speed, information on your vehicles damage and the real 3D steering wheel includes working warning lights.

Each of the seventeen 3D tracks have been modelled to the finest detail using official surveyor maps, where there is a camber at Silverstone, there is a camber in the game.

In addition to graphically recreating the cars and tracks accurately, F1 incorporates stunning graphical effects like visible rain, spray, fogging and heat haze. So let's hope that the weather can change dramatically during the course of a race to offer the player strategic decisions such as slicks or wets, suntan lotion or raincoats and racing car or speedboat.

This ultimate driving experience is further enhanced by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence. All the drivers have had their personalities and driving traits duplicated to add an extra challenge, so Damon Hill will probably drive straight into a wall of tyres just when he is within touching distance of the Championship.

F1 promises to be the fastest, most realistic F1 game ever, but then so does Formula 1 '97 from Psygnosis. We shall see!