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Developer Interactive Studios Options
Distributer Hasbro T.B.A
Game Type 3D Adventure  
Preview Date Jan 99  
The Story So Far ...

Things aren't good in the Crystal Kingdom. The wizard has had a slight accident while mixing his potions... he's mistakenly combined two dangerous ingredients, causing a huge explosion which has turned him into a statue.

What's more, this explosion caused both of his magical gloves to fly off; with one landing safely outside his castle and the other being slightly less fortunate (but more of this later).

Worst of all, the force of the blast has dislodged the seven crystals, which give the castle and its surrounding world the energy that it needs to survive and prosper.

Luckily, however, the UK's gamers should soon be able to help put this situation right, as all of the catastrophes mentioned above occur within the unique and flin-filled world of Glover, the forthcoming 3D puzzle and adventure game from Hasbro Interactive.

Currently in development for the Sony PlayStation, Glover is a wonderfully playable and graphically-beautiful gaming experience.

In Glover, the player in the guise of the Wizard's lucky glove - takes control of the first of the seven crystals (which has been transformed into a magic ball) and sets off in search of the rest. The player's objective is to guide the glove and ball through six beautiful and action-packed worlds to return the seven crystals to the castle, free the wizard and restore peace and harmony to the land.

But wait a minute... what's happened to the other glove? Unfortunately, the explosion threw this into a vat of purest evil and it now plans to hinder the player in every way that it can.

Glover, a wonderfully original concept developed in the UK by Interactive Studios, asks the player to make the best possible use of both glove and ball to solve every problem that he or she encounters on a magical trip through six themed 'worlds' -
Atlantis, Carnival, Pirates, Prehistoric, Fear and Out of This World.

Each world contains three standard levels, one 'boss' level and one bonus level, opening up a total of 30 challenging three-dimensional areas for the player to explore and conquer.

Power-ups, puzzles and unique enemies see the player transform the magic ball into everything from a ball bearing to a bowling ball in an effort to manoeuvre through each themed level.

"Glover has all of the qualities you look for in a hit game," says Chris Down, the game's producer. "It's beautiful to look at and has the perfect blend of challenge and fun in its gameplay. I'm really looking forward to the day when we complete it so that I can start the adventure for myself."

Glover will be available on Sony PlayStation in the first quarter of 1999 (prices tba).

New features for the PlayStation:
* High resolution display (640x240) at 30 fks
* Never before seen FMV sequences
* CD-quality music, including exclusive to PlayStation tracks
* New undulating landscapes that realise the inertia of Glover and the ball
* Improved lighting and textures
* More voice samples for Glover and musical jingles
* A better, more comprehensive training level, possibly including voice
* PlayStation exclusive secrets
* Analogue and Dual Shock support
* Support of the Memory Card and a password system