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Developer Cranberry Source Options
Distributer Ocean T.B.A
Game Type Sports Sim  
Preview Date March 1999  
Screenshot No.1
Screenshot No.2
Screenshot No.3 
The Story So Far ...
John Ritman, the fabled 1980’s creator of computer football as we know it with the original all-formats super-hits Matchday 1&2, has returned to Ocean to bring playability back to the 90’s videogame generation with the all-new Matchday 3.

Programmed by Jon’s development group Cranberry Source, Matchday 3 aims to revolutionise the way we play computer football by bringing back the idea of learning real soccer skills: how to aim a shot, how to pass into space, how to get possession and keep it. The art of passing like a pro doesn't come built-in like others in this genre, but is something that has to be nurtured over time. This intuitive gameplay/control system pioneered in Matchday will soon sort out the 'veterans' from the 'young pretenders' to the crown of football champions.

Matchday 3’s gameplay philosophy is also based on the computer doing the 'muscle memory' things for the player - dribbling the ball automatically with 'sticky feet', etc, allowing the player to concentrate on the tactical aspects of the game.

Already 5-up at half-time on gameplay, Matchday 3 finishes all the other opposition off by using the new ‘polar sprout' technology for the player graphics, ending the days of those pointy polygon players - making it not only the most playable game around, but also the most texture perfect.

Viewed in full lifelike 3D, Matchday 3 comes with 24 teams from across the globe, calculated to give a built in difficulty level (i.e. playing Brazil is harder than playing Wales). The standard game may be played Vs a cunning CPU opponent, between two players on a single machine, or with multiple players by connecting their computers either by a direct link/network or modem.

Matchday 3 also allows the user to fine tune his team, players and tactics. Each player has three statistics - speed, kick power and stamina - all may be adjusted, but as one statistic goes up another will come down, so you have to find the right balance for each match.

Grab your jumpers, chuck em on the grass and get ready for the return of 'Matchday' , Matchday 3, coming on the PC and PlayStation early this year.