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Nightmare Creatures 2
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Developer Kalisto Options
Distributer Activison T.B.A
Game Type Action/Adventure  
Preview Date June 1999  
The Story So Far ...

Nightmare Creatures 2 is a seriously scary experience which you will survive only through fast and furious fighting. Here is an insight into the games early features.

Combat : Two attacks - hit and kick - but with distinct effects, each with a directional component. A typical confrontation is player against two enemies. Hit is the primary attack... Kick is a take down move to knock monsters to the ground. The kick requires greater accuracy, while simple combos are possible.
Successive successful hits are rewarded with Fatality animations.
More gory, more violent combat and weapons are generated by interactions with the environment - pipes, boards, stones.
Underwater attacks in the horizontal plane where the player can adjust his depth. Jumps and leaps are directional ... enabling jumping in one direction and striking in another.
Defense by avoidance: choose your battleground carefully... or one defensive move - timing and direction dependant?

36 Monsters - less Gothic, less classic, more Nightmare. Five classes of AI governing attack behaviour. Monsters attack in groups and dictate the pace of the game, while some have special characteristics that require player to adapt his approach e.g throwing projectiles, cocooning, flying, retreat into water... or into shadows. Deformable models will allow visible wounding due to the very high quality animations.

Visually the player gets a map with camera specific directives Angular speed is limited, but the large player character remains. There is also a user selectable look-around mode.

The environment includes four worlds and 18 levels including several original scenes: sinking ship, Eiffel tower, train and a living level. The large and open levels now allow much more exploration (45% of doors open) and reveal several hidden areas. Underwater areas are now ideal for exporation and combat.

The game has an unmistakable new look. It's more colorful with color Gouraud shading, and Gouraud shading on objects, monsters and player character. Expect Hi-Res 512 by 240/256, mip-mapping, improved subdivision and smoother, more complex and more diverse animations. In fact it's much gorier throughout. Many more realtime movies are included.

Nightmare Creatures 2 is expected in time for Halloween