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Twisted Metal 4
"Sweet Tooth’s destructive masterpiece includes a new gang of midget henchmen cronies who carry out his every wish"
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Developer  Idol Minds Game Type  Shooter
Distributor  989 Preview Date  Mar 00
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The Story so Far:
      Sweet Tooth™ and his pumped-up posse of midget henchmen have taken control of the most explosive freakshow on wheels!

Remember dreaming of the big top circus as a kid? Dad would take your lil’ paw in his hand and lead you through the crowd toward the Ferris wheel and candy apple stands. It was such a thrill! The dancing brown bears. The acrobatic grace of the trapeze artists. The sideshow lady with a beard thicker than Daddy’s. And the psychotic clown who roared through the ring riddling the tent with bullets and tossing ice creamy bombs at the screaming fans. Dream? Or nightmare?

It’s a Twisted Metal 4 nightmare that will rock your days and terrify your nights. The best-selling car combat franchise features all new lunatic vehicles, insane new battlegrounds and radical new weapons designed to BIG TIME obliterate. This year, Sweet Tooth is just as toothy, but he really ain’t that sweet.


Pilot one of 13 all-new characters and vehicles including Rob Zombie’s Dragula, Goggle Eyes, Pizza Boy, Micro Blast, The Jones’s, Meter Maid and more.
Nine new nightmarish bosses want to turn you into twisted metal.
Special hidden cameo appearances from Thumper and other favorites keep twisted fans stoked.
Freak out and get wicked in 1 of 8 all-new nightmarish warzones Sweet Tooth designed by his little warped self.
Romp through Construction Yard, Road Rage, Oilrig, Neon City, Minion's Maze, Amazonia 3000 BC., Carnival and Sweet Tooth’s sicko Bedroom.
Each interactive battleground includes a special surprise for crafty players who can accomplish key objectives.
Eight additional, hidden Deathmatch-only levels provide more room to explore and destroy.
Fresh storyline puts Sweet Tooth at the helm of the contest while bursting Calypso’s blimp and dropping him into the ring.
We’ve all been oppressed by THE MAN, but now it’s time to bow down to THE CLOWN.
Expect sizzling new beginnings and just plain wrong endings with all that psychotic combat jazz inbetween.
Sweet Tooth’s destructive masterpiece includes a new gang of midget henchmen cronies who carry out his every wish. Who knows what to expect from a whacked-out clown ready to go buck wild?
Brand spankin’ new vehicle customization feature lets you create your own nasty ride so you can spank the competition. Pick your car size, body style, paint job, call sign, battle cry and special weapon, then get wrecked or make wreckage ‘til your black heart’s content.
Characters/vehicles are now savable to Memory Card so you can test out your creations with other twisted creative types.
Improved graphics and car physics ramp up the 30 frames/second ride and keep your screeching wheels on the pavement.
Twisted Metal 4 features dynamic reflective graphics, improved vehicle suspension and instant physical damage to cars and environments. A smokin’, twisted mess never looked so darn sweet.
Beefed-up original weapons with new special treats give you the ammunition you need to wreak freakshow havoc. A sampling of the new firepower includes: Proximity Mines, Shields, Radar Jam, M.I.R.V.’s and Massive Attack.
1 to 4 player lunacy with Multi-Tap support so you can knock the snot out of your sniveling pals.
New Twisted ranking system assesses your performance, engages you in the relentless pursuit of perfection and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling because you’re doing your part to better yourself for the good of humanity (albeit in a very roundabout way). The ranking system is also a legitimate excuse to rank on those pathetic wussies you outclass.
Dual Shock™ Compatible because it’d be totally lame if it wasn’t. Rockin’ soundtrack promotes maximum mayhem: Rob Zombie, Cirrus, Cypress Hill, Skold, Ghoulspoon and One Minute Silence. In other words, this isn’t your big bro’s 8-track collection.