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Developer Virgin Interactive Options
Distributer Virgin T.B.A
Game Type Sports Sim  
Preview Date March 1998  
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The Story So Far ...

Developed by Virgin Interactive's elite 'Crimson' team, Viva Football is a new type of soccer simulation that flawlessly recreates all of the passion, excitement and unpredictably of the real thing.

Using a unique control system it gives the player complete control as you hit shots, passes and crosses exactly where you wish. Also included are through balls, one-twos, feints and dummies.

Viva Football uses polished, extremely hi-resolution 3D, combining speed with visuals uncannily close to the real thing. Instead of using one footballer, providing limited motion capture data, Virgin Interactive has enlisted a professional team to capture over 5,400 keyframes of the most fluid animation ever seen. By using the players from attack, midfield and defence, Viva moves much more realistically than other soccer games.

The gameplay offers a long term challenge as you may compete as any International team from 1962 to 1998, replay famous matches and rewrite football history. Every squad has been faithfully recreated to ensure an unprecedented amount of realism - from Brazil of '94 to the Netherlands '70 Antilles team.

Chooses any of the 987 teams with 1,974 authentic kits, 16,224 players and 259,584 player attributes. Play in over 300 lavishly recreated stadiums generated from technical data to ensure complete accuracy, ranging from Wembley Stadium to the Sir Anerood Ruganth Stadium in Pamplemousses, Mauritious. You can also create fantasy matches where teams of the past take on the present squad.

Rather than use big name commentators, Viva Footbal opts for the PlayerChat system where every team member calls out for the ball "To me!", "Square!", "Through ball!". The crowds reaction depends how your players perform jeering a poor display and cheering a victory. The soundtrack will include a number of Worldwide famous songs - one for each of the cup years.

Viva Football will be released during Q3 '98 on Playstation format.