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Well, gamers, the first bowling game to debut on the Sony PlayStation 
was "Ten Pin Alley". Now when I first saw the game on the shelves, I 
thought it was goofy. But I bought it and loved it! Nearly two years 
later, the company who brought you "Ten Pin Alley" hits you again with 
an even better bowling simulation..."Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling".

This game has it all. If you liked "Ten Pin Alley", you'll sell that 
and buy this one immediately. It's packed with tons of saveable options, 
professional bowlers, and bowling lanes from the official Brunswick 
license. You can create your own bowler from scratch, customizing him 
down to the facial hair. You can choose from six bowling balls, all 
with their own characteristics! As you bowl more and more games, your 
statistics are kept track of.

The graphics in the game are crisp and clear, with smooth bowler animation. 
The bowler's elbow joints, knee joints, etc. are blended nicely, making for realistic-looking human beings. The alleys are filled with the onlooking 
crowd, full of color, and the Cosmic Bowling feature is really something
 to see! There are more contact points on the pins for more realistic pin 
crashing, not to mention the spin on the ball. Your bowler reacts to most 
of his shots, good or bad.

The sound effects are crystal clear. You get everything from the crowd 
applause to the authentic pin crash. The interface music and game music 
fit well into the game, giving it that typical "sports game" feel. The 
nly problem you'll notice with the music is, if it is turned on during 
game play, the CD track will restart with every ball throw. I suggest 
you turn the game music off.

Playability has been simplified at least 50% over "Ten Pin Alley". On my 
first day playing, I was able to throw 9 strikes in a row, and finish the 
game with a score of 278. The game is very easy to learn, from aiming the 
ball to positioning your bowler. There's nothing hard about it if you can 
learn the basics! Game modes include Exhibition, Cosmic Bowling, Skins, 
Career, Practice, and Tournament. You'll be busy for hours!


This is definitely the model bowling game for the Sony PlayStation! If you 
don't like what you see here in a bowling game - good luck looking elsewhere! 
"Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling" is a smash hit.