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Reader Review: BUSHIDO BLADE
Author: Ellen Blank Email"

Reader Review

Bushido Blade is a very realistic fighting game by Squaresoft. It is
made for the strategy inclined fighter and is somewhat slow paced. It
gives you much larger areas to fight in and is very 3D. It even has its
own Japanese honor code. Although this sounded appealing at first, I
soon discovered that this is NOT what I want in a fighting game. 

Bushido Blade has large environments and somewhat well done 
However they are blockier than they could be and sometimes look weird
when they move. Bushido Blade has  very nice blocking effects. Blood
spews from fatal wounds really lets you know that you have dealt a
killing blow. Bushido also has good rain and water graphics.
       Rating: 8

Bushido's music fits the game, but is quiet and doesn't appeal to me.
However the grunts and excellent sword sounds give Bushido better 
than average sound. 
That's really all there is to the sound. Nothing more is needed.
       Rating: 7

Bushido gives you a lot of freedom of movement, which is nice to 
You also can have three different stances, each with different moves.
Your moves also vary with your sword, and there are as many swords as
characters. However, R1, L1, and R2 have about 10 functions, which gets
very confusing and frustrating. Also after you have moved around a lot
it is hard to face your opponent, much less hit them. Your sword also
gets stuck on the walls too much.
       Rating: 6

Fun Factor:
If you think you like this kind of fighting, playing Bushido Blade will
quickly change your mind. The honor code is hard to figure out, much
less follow. You will also find yourself accidentally breaking it from
time to time. The fact that you can kill people in one hit usually makes
the fights go like this: Each guy stands there and waits. The second one
moves he gets a sword through his gut. Next fight. Same thing happens.
Although there are a lot of things you can while you fight, none of them
are useful or beneficial. 
       Rating: 4
From:             Ellen Blank 

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