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Written By: T.C.Funk

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I

This is one of the best Party game known on Earth. 
It's extremely fun when you play in four player mode. 
The freedom of moving your character is superb, you can 
virtually do whatever you want in the battle field.
  Poy Poy is a battle type game. It started with four 
characters in a battle field. You can choose from six different 
The objective is to pick up rocks, woods, missles, and etc. and 
hit others. Who gets the highest performance points win.
 The graphics are good, but I think they can make it better. 
The polygon shapes in the characters are too big. The developer 
should smooth the corners out more.
 The music can easily get into your ears and is in a Japanese 
cartoon style. It is actually pretty good.
 The bad part about the game is after a while in one player 
mode, it's kind of boring. You just keep playing the tournament and 
get more special weapons. Still it's cool in multi-player mode.

*Fun factor........7/10

Hints to get it started:

The easiest way to win a round is to keep throwing rocks 
into a dead body. You can get 1 point on every hit on a 
dead body. Put the body in a corner and just keep hitting it. 
When you get a special item that is blue raining hail 
like, use it.