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Author: Guillaume Joron Email

Reader Review


WHHHAAAA, It's ugly, I think it is the worst graphics I never seen for a
racing game on a 32 bit system. If you compare it with the N64 version, the
N64 wins by far..... 

For example, when you choose you car, you see some big pixels on the cars 
and the colors are ridiculous! 

Another example is when you race, you always see fog in the distance, in 
all races!!!!

My evaluation of the graphics: 2/10


The sound in this game is O.K, no bugs, no cool sounds, but no bad sounds.

The motors sounds are realistic and synchronize. But the background music 
is very poor.

My evaluation of the sound: 6/10


WHHHAAAA, It's the worst gameplay I never seen for a racing game on a 
32 bit systems. 

For example, when you try to turn to left, you press a little bit the 
d-pad, and the car goes directly in the wall....

It's very bad control....

My evaluation of the gameplay: 1/10


It's the most ugly PSX game I have ever played in my life. 
If you want a good racing game, rent Formula 1 CE or Rage 
Racer, or any other, but please, not SAN FRANCISCO RUSH!!!

Overall evaluation: 3/10 
(don't loose your time on this stupid game!)

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