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Reader Review: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Author: Ellen Blank Email"

Reader Review

Symphony of the Night is the latest in the Castlevania
series. However, it is probably the last 2D Castlevania game that will
ever come out. S.O.T.N. is a great game that follows in the tradition
of excellence that the Castlevania series has been known for.

The graphics are very good. Alucard looks like he should and he runs,
jumps, and slashes perfectly. The variety of the enemies is good, there
are probably 100 of them and they all look unique. The castle is
beautifully rendered.
       Rating: 10

SOTN's sound is amazing. From a calming contemperary piece to strong
classical music (something rarely used in video games) it always helps to
create a mood. The grunts and death screams are great. This game
probably has the best sound on the Playstation.
       Rating: 10

The fact that this game is in 2D makes it much easier to control. No
background and foreground movement, just left, right, crouch, and jump,
and the transformations are just a button away. The controls are as 
good as they can get.
       Rating: 10

Fun Factor:
Castlevania's transformations to bat, mist, or wolf give you many
different ways to explore Dracula's castle. Things like the Gravity
Boots and Leap Stone give you some other ways of getting around. Also
you can go wherever you want in the castle because there are no levels.
The huge castle takes a while to explore, but the interesting bosses,
plot twists, and new relics keep you interested and hungry for more.

This game is one of the best and you should buy it. NOW!
       Rating: 10

From:             Ellen Blank

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