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Reader Review: Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi.
Author: C. Nix Email

Reader Review

I find that of all the games Lucasarts could ever make, this is the one
that had caught my attention the most.  But why would Lucasarts make 
a fighting game containing all of your favorite Star Wars characters?  
That was my question when I first saw the AD in the Gamepro Mag.

Genre: 4
This game is really nothing more than a fighting game.  In my opinion 
there is no plot; except for a knowing of Darth Vader is after Luke 
Skywalker.  To me, all this game is is Mortal Kombat 4 containing
the SW characters and sloppy texture maps.  

Graphics: 5 
When you think of Lucasarts, you think of a company that
sticks to making quality games, such as:  Tie Fighter, Jedi Knight,
X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter, but when it comes to making fighting games,
especially sloppy ones, they fail with a big red F!   The fighters look
decent, but its the backrounds that screw up the whole 3D feel that
beat-um ups give you.  Terrible texture maps, it looks like Lucasarts
spent 1 week developing this game.

The control is like any other fighting game.  You move your
person to dodge attacks, make attacks, and die.  Nothing more to say on
the matter.

Originality: 3
None.  Whatsoever, there is nothing new to this game
except the SW people are duking it out this time.

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