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Reader Review: Twisted Metal 3
Author: Eddie Soto Email

Reader Review

Twisted Metal 3 is a continuation of a great series of shoot-em up 
car games.  The original started a flood of car-shooting games but 
nothing compared to Twisted Metal.  I have to say, I loved part 1 and 2, 
but the truth is, I don't know what happened with 3.  One would expect 
sequels to get better and better, but this is not the case.  Lets start 
with the basics.

1.  Graphics  (3/5)

     The graphics in this game are better than the other 2 parts, but 
nothing out of this world.  989 Studios made the game look more "3D"  
by making the graphics more square and with more polygons, it isn't that 
bad, in fact, it makes the game look overall better, so, when this is 
compared to the other 2 parts, the graphics are better.
     The one problem is that the levels sometimes look downright 
hideous, they are way too low in detail, and sometimes pretty hard to 
navigate through.  The levels in the other 2 parts were better overall.  
So all in all in graphics, this game is totally average.

2.  Levels Overall (1/5)

     The levels in this game are pretty bad.  I don't know what 989 
Studios was thinking with these levels.  First off, the levels are tiny!  
Most levels are tiny, closed in areas with not much creativity.  In part 
2 the levels were the best!  They were large, interactive (windows and 
other objects break, unlike TM3 ), and overall more fun than part 3.  
Part 2 had people running around, the Eiffel Tower blows up, The Statue 
of Liberty turned into a woman in bikini, and so many other fun, 
interactive things.  Then you look at part 3, absolutely no 
interactivity, no people, nothing to blow up, no fun!  Even part 1 had 
better levels!

3.  Gameplay (3/5)

     The gameplay and control is exactly as the other two parts, nothing 

4.  Cars, bosses, and weapons  (2/5)

     The cars are almost the same as the other 2 parts!  The new ones 
are pretty stupid, I guess 989 was trying to be funny with the new 
characters but they did not succeed.  One character is a huge, old VW 
van painted with flowers! (some hippy stuff) The car also shoots flowers!  
This is totally pathetic!  Then they get a 97 year old woman to drive 
the monster truck!  All the new cars I guess were supposed to be funny, 
but their not!
     The weapons are practically the same as the other two parts.  
nothing to surprising.
     The bosses are just old players from the other TM's such as Mr. Ash 
and Minion, they are so unoriginal, Minion has been a boss in all 3 
parts.  The final boss is pretty good but nothing to great.
     One more thing, where's Sweet Tooth!  Only with a secret password 
can you be him.  He is supposed to be the main character, and you cant 
be him unless you have a password!  That was just stupid.

5.  Overall (1.5/5)

     In my opinion, instead of getting part 3, go for TM part 2 because 
3 is not worth $40, and part 2 is only like 30.  So all in all this game 
was very disappointing, and I do not recommend it.

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