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Written By: Luke Chidester

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I

VMX Racing is the first off-road motorcycle racing game to come to the
Upon popping this game in my PSX, I was treated to a really cool FMV
intro with rockin' guitar music and high flyin' dirt bikes.  At the menu
screen, one has the option to choose his bike(Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki,
or Yamaha),1 or 2 players, controller setup, track, 125 or 250 cc,and
other various options. After choosing my options, I selected the "race"
option.  5, 4, 3, 2, 1  we're off!  I start cruising around the track
and am loving it.  Cool!!  One button is for throttle and another is for
"burst", best used in the corners and before jumps.  The burst button is
actually like "clutching" a real motocross bike.
After having the game for three days now I am still loving it.  One word
of caution though:  This is not a very "deep" racer.  I have already won
every track with the 250 and found all three secret tracks.  It only
took two days to completely master this game!  I have had Jet Moto for 7
or 8 months and still haven't mastered it.(My goal is to get 250 points
in a full season on Master setting without usin any codes.  So far I can
get 234 points.)  Other than the fact that VMX only offers a small
challenge, it's still good fun!  Check it out!
*It's motocross!
*Cool music by Tommy T.
*Ability to do cool tricks.
*Awesome replay mode.
Actual sponsors(Axo, Sinisalo, Shoei, etc)

*Few tracks(six total plus three bonus tracks that suck because there
is  a two minute time limit)
*No save feature whatsoever.
*Very bad AI...the bikes at the back of the pack go faster than the  
bikes at the front of the pack.
*2-player pretty good exept the graphics go way down hill 
and the pop-up gets pretty bad.

*Fun Factor.....8/10


*To get the three secret tracks, do alot of tricks while you race.  
After the race is over, you will be treated to a "bonus track".
*To do tricks, press the R1 or the R2 button right before you take to 
the air off a jump.
*To do advanced tricks, press R1,R2,R1,R2 right before you take to the 
air off a jump.
*Use your "burst" in the tight corners and right before jumps.