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Reader Review: X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
Author: Chris Flood Email

Reader Review

      After playing this game, I walked away numbed.  Maybe it was because of
the outlandish load times, perhaps the lack of animation, and very obvious
slowdown.  Could it have been all of those things, and the lack of "Tag-Team"
mode, which made the Arcade, (and the subsequent Saturn version) so popular.
Even with the supposed "enhanced" EX mode, the game still feels rushed, and
you can feel the potential that this game could have had, just floating in the

Graphics-  These graphics look great!  ...from the pause menu.  Solid
character sprites are quite nice, until you see the blocky animation, and
immense slowdown.  Almost painful to watch for you arcade purists.  But that
all looks nice, comparitively, until you try a team super move.  You could go
out to lunch, eat, and still get back in time to see the ending frames.  It's
that bad...
												Rating: 3

Sound-  Not too shabby.  I've heard better, but there's been worse.  Crisp
chimes with the music ring true, and the painful, spine-cracking thuds still
make you wince.  The music, as well, is pretty nice.  About what you'd expect
from a playstation game.

												Rating: 7

Control-  ...Yikes.  That all that need be said.  The differing frame rates
promise off timed combos, and coupled with that, frustration.  There were
instances I threw my controller, just for annoyance's sake.  When you do pull
of a combo, on the other hand, you feel like you've just done something
important.  Very rewarding to know you've accomplished a nigh-impossible task.

												Rating: 4

Fun Factor-  This game is not fun in all.  More of an exercise in madness...
Never before have I screamed at my playstation, just wanting to burn it, to
cleanse it of the evils this game has cursed upon my system.  It would be more
fun to play frisbee with this game, than to actually play it.  Utter Crap.

												Rating: 2

Overall-  I think that you could see this game in a store, walk right past it,
and never miss a thing.  For the few of you that have both a Playstaion, and a
Saturn (Like myself)  go out, and but the Japanese version for Saturn.  To
compare these two games it to compare Final Fantasy 7, to Final Fantasy for
gameboy.  The same concept at heart, two completely different outcomes.  You
must believe me when I say to not get this game.  Do it for yourself, do it
for me, and, of course, do it for your Playstation.  It'll thank you for it.  
												Overall- 4

-Chris Flood

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