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Game Type

Sports Sim


1 - 2

Release Date

Feb '96

Rapid Review

Gremlin were renowned for some of the best soccer management simulations on the PC and therefore were intent on producing a fitting football game for the next generation console.

The game attempted a radically different control method from its rivals attempting to provide a simulation of the sport rather than an straight arcade format. This allowed the players to cross the ball into space with an intelligent passing system.

Pro footballers Andy Sinton and Chris Woods were used to provide the motions for the football players. The motion captured players look impressive and actually move around at great speed while the camera angles showed enough of the pitch to allow the gameplayer to follow the pattern of play.

The game can be highly praised for the players AI and you actually feel as if the oppositions defenders are trying to catch you offside. It may not be the easiest soccer game to pick up and play but the more you play it, the better it gets.

The commentary is provided by Match of the Day's Barry Davies who was recruited to provide an unrivalled play by play analysis.


If all you are after from a soccer game is unstoppable Predator kicks and long range shooting then I would recommend that you buy an arcade footy game such as Adidas Power Soccer. But if you prefer a thought provoking challenge, where the scoring of a goal will give you a sense of achievement and have you dancing around the room, then look no further than Actua Soccer.

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