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Feb '96

Rapid Review

Agile Warrior is a shoot-em-up that is disguised as a flight sim. The F111-X is a fictitious aircraft that you must guide through nine treacherous missions, taking out the enemy encampments and strategic positions as you go.

Set in present day, you are a member of the NATO forces against a bunch of vicious terrorists. Between each mission is a FMV sequence that will brief you of the task you are about to begin.

Viewed from the cockpit, you will be regularly updated by your copilot of any incoming enemies that are in the region. If you are shot down then the screams of Eject, Eject will reverberate through your head piece resulting in the end of the game.

Of the nine missions, only three can be immediately accessed with each involving blowing up a specific target in a set order. You must alter your speed accordingly because if you race through the air at top speed you will only run straight into trouble.

Power ups can be gained by destroying an enemy plane which leaves behind an assortment of fuel, armor and weaponry but if you accidentally shoot at the power ups they will explode and then disappear.

There is also the option to use the suicide button if things get a little too hot up there but this will only result in your craft plummeting to the ground and will be regarded as a cowardly action.

There are many world locations to fly such as French Guyana, Kamchatka and Pakistan


Unfortunately the missions involve the usual arcade strategy of just mindlessly blasting away until there is nothing left in your way but the missions will prove a sufficient challenge to those who enjoy this type of arcade shoot-em-up.

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