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Jan '96

Rapid Review

One-eyed Jack normally dabbled in a bit of smuggling but this time he has gone too far as the kidnapping of an innocent little girl brings Edward Carnby 'the supernatural detective' onto the scene. Now Edward received a phone call from his close friend Ted Striker, who informs him that little Grace Saunders has been kidnapped and imprisoned in Jacks mansion.

You must guide Ed around the labyrinthine mansion armed only with his trusty revolver, although he can also use his bare knuckles or indeed any of the weapons that he finds lying around the grounds or the house. Edward is attacked around virtually every corner therefore you must learn to judge the line of fire very quickly or you will waste most of your ammo shooting at thin air. He will begin with fifty health points and each hit he takes will reduce that total.

The game requires a great deal of thinking as you will face many tasks on your journey. How will you open a door that is locked from the other side. Remember that piece of paper that you collected earlier, well slide it under the door and then push the pipe cleaner through the keyhole to knock the key onto the paper. Pull the paper back under the door, Voila. Get the idea. The game is packed with such puzzles and with a little thought you should get through it in time.

The game is shrouded in atmosphere with suspense by the bucket full, showing some nice lighting effects and uses a helpful camera angle. The controls are a little sluggish which make the fighting scenes a little boring. During the game you will find that Edward will get himself into a pickle therefore you will assume the control of young grace who must rescue our Ed for the game to proceed.


Don't expect this adventure to be an action packed thriller as the game plods along in it's own time. If you enjoy a game that you can sit back and work out the answers to the many questions the game asks, then you will get a great deal of satisfaction from Alone in the Dark

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