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Game Type

Fishy Thing


1 Human and 200 Fish

Release Date

Aug '96

Rapid Review

Fancy playing a game that has nothing to shoot, nobody to beat up, no teams to trounce, no heights to scale, nothing to work out, no one to pip at the post and is completely devoid of strategy? What is this game I hear you ask, international bed making, 3D embroidery, destruction decorating. No, Aquanaut's Holiday is like no other game you have played before.

You are the aquanaut who must map out the sea bed during your vacation. This is accomplished by climbing inside a mini-sub, launching into the deep blue sea with the whole wide watery world as your oyster.

You must explore the depths in your sub and if you care to look out of the window provided you will be pleased to know that you are accompanied by over 200 varied species of fish (unfortunately there is not a chip in sight). Looking down in the murky depths you will see many old ruins and wrecks embedded in the sea bed.

The idea is to befriend each of the 200 species of fish by sending out the correct combination of sonar bleeps to them. The correct combination will result in the fish performing cute little motions for you while the wrong combo will send them swimming away. If you befriend the little fishy it will stay near the reef you are building which is important as you require their fish poop to use to build up your reef.

Right, I'm off now as the men with the white jackets are approaching my tank.


This is no piss take, it really is available to play on your console. Look at it this way. It would cost you a fortune to build a tank in your front room to accommodate all these colorful creatures and this is a cheap alternative. Think of it as an underwater simulation and if this takes your fancy then go out and buy it. The retail price does not include fish food which is required to be dropped down the back of your monitor at regular intervals [Joke!].

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