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GT Interactive


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1-2 Players

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Out Now


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Rapid Review

So you bought a Predator Light gun for Die Hard Trilogy and it is now gathering dust on the shelves? Well there is another game in the stores that makes use of the plastic firearm and that is Area 51.

It's a shooting game that takes the theme of an alien invasion. Basically as you wander around corridors of a high security building, Alien and Human characters pop up and attempt to reduce your precious life bar. Simply take aim and shoot them. That's basically it. Just like the arcades.

If you do not own a light gun then the game can be played with a joypad or a mouse but this is not recommended as you will probably die more times than you reload.

The scenery moves around of its own free will allowing you to concentrate on your aim. This method works quite well in the one player game but more so in the two player mode. There is more chance of survival if you tackle the enemy back to back with a mate, and because your movements are pre-set your companion will not be able to constantly drag you away from the action which is a fault is most two player shoot-em-ups.


The game starts off as a bit of fun but eventually bores the hell out of you. If you spend all your pocket money on these types of games in the arcades then the purchase of Area 51 will undoubtedly save you a fortune. However if you do not already own a light gun then you will be better off investing in Time Crisis.