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Nov '95

Rapid Review

Assault Rigs is a shoot-em-up where you are strapped on board a gigantic tank, armed to the teeth with missiles, lasers and high tech defences.

The opening FMV features a stunning beauty who climbs into a virtual reality machine and runs through the opening level of the game.

The game involves collecting a set number of gems which are displayed on the screen and these will activate the exit . The levels are littered with a number of power ups in the form of weapon upgrades and health bursts.

You can choose from three different craft for each level along with three difficulty levels. The first tank is weak but extremely nippy, the second is slow but has a strong armor while the third has a medium armor with a average speed. Each will contain a mini gun, guided missile and shatter shells that split into eight separate projectiles.

The action is viewed from an amazing five different angles so there should be something there for everyone.

The levels contain a number of inclining slopes as well as a few jumps which will require you to build up a bit of a run before attempting.


The game is quite an enjoyable shoot up although it can become quite repetitive at times. The graphics are quite smart displaying a good variation of levels while each of the tanks both look and drive in an individual manner.

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