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Rapid Review

What the PSX needs is a good old strategy war game where the action takes place at sea. Many games are available that include sea warfare as part of the content but none exist that takes on the subject alone.

Take command of Battleships, Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Patrol Boats, Submarines and Troop Carriers. Each has an array of weapons to attack the enemy with. There are two play areas and an on-screen map shows the whereabouts of each vessel.

The smaller craft move across the waves quite quickly making them a difficult target to hit while the Aircraft Carrier, which contains all of your air fighting force, crawls across the sea at a slow rate of knots. This makes it an easy target therefore it must be carefully guarded.

Options are available to fight a single battle or partake in a series of missions on the world map. If you decide on the latter then a whole fleet is entrusted to your command. Unfortunately battles allow only two ships to participate at one time, which kind of defeats the object of manoeuvering a whole fleet across the ocean when a one on one is the only outcome.


Battle Stations lacked only one thing which avoided it from becoming a Strategic classic - STRATEGY. Unfortunately all the gameplay boils down to is two sides lobbing missiles at each other until one of them sinks.