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Developer: Hasbro OPTIONS: S.SHOT
No.1   No.2   No.3
Distributor: Hasbro 1 Player
Game Type: 3rd person action shooter Memory Card
Availability: Out Now  

Rapid Review

Beast Wars is the first game to take the Transformers license, a 
Science Fiction environment and bring it all together into the console 
arena.  Great idea right?

The object of the game is to defeat the opposing Transformer factions 
-- either the evil Predicons that aspire to Universal domination 
through the collection of Energon crystals, or the heroic Maximals 
who strive for intergalactic peace.

The view is from a 3rd person perspective that has you running through 
rather uninspired level designs.  I was surprised to find a fair 
amount of polygon breakup and poor collision detection throughout the 
game.  Couple to that a rather difficult control system and you've got 
some problems here.  By the time you figure out what it is that you 
are shooting at...Bang you're dead.   I was also not too thrilled to 
have to start back at the beginning of a level each time my character 
got blasted...err I hate it when that happens! It's a shame because 
with a little more tweaking, I think the gameplay could have been 
much more enjoyable...

The transformation idea was a good one, but unfortunately it has been 
poorly implemented.  Once transformed, you are limited to running, 
jumping and frustrating hand to paw combat.  Depending on a particular 
predicament, you need to decide which assemblage your character needs 
to be in to successfully get through a given situation.   I guess this 
adds a bit of strategy, but it gets old rather fast.

The sound effects aren't quite as "driving" as I would like to see in 
a game of type.  There was nothing that grabbed my attention or left 
any lasting impression.   I think it would be wise to just turn off 
the volume on your TV and pop in a favorite makes the game a 
bit better!

On a positive note, the game IS a shooter and there are lots of things 
to shoot at.  Enemy fire is often coming at you from all 
directions...from the ground, from the sides and from the air.   The 
game challenges you to be quick on the draw, which is what any good 
shooter should do.  The special effects are also pretty sharp, with 
some nice particle explosions and ample light-sourching...especially 
in the city level.  The transformation from character to beast is also 
well done.


Well, I just happen to be a Science Fiction fan and it's very hard to 
get used Science Fiction presented in this manner.  Personally I feel 
you may be better off watching the Sci-Fi channel.

Hasbro needs to really take a long hard look before releasing a game 
of this caliber again in the future.  It's got strong name 
recognition, a great premise but just falls apart in the execution.  
I hate to say it but save your purchase money on this one, it's 
definitely a rental first before buying.

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