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Jan '96

Rapid Review

Set in the future, genetically engineered BioMechs have rebelled against their human masters and gained control of the planet. Forced to live underground in the sewers, you take charge of a crack 3 man mercenary team. Armed to the teeth, you must defeat the BioMechs and return the planet to mankind.

Following an impressive rendered intro, you are dropped into one of 5 city locations to begin your battle for freedom. Set over 36 levels, your 3 man team must perform a number of missions, each of varying difficulty. Your orders could be to liberate the captive humans, locate hidden switches or perhaps to destroy a chosen tower. You are able to switch between team members at any time as all three are under your control.

On each section you will be required to perform a number of tasks that will help your squad to move swiftly through the level. By switching off electric fences and lowering platforms, you will access new areas, where power-ups may be collected. If you pick up any golden money icons, they can be cashed in at the end of the mission in exchange for extra weapons, bombs, or armor, which can be shared among your squad.

Using an isometric view point, similar to Project Overkill, the gameplay allows you to blow up just about everything on the screen.


This play like bedlam as well. The graphics are jerky and at times there are so many enemies attacking at once that you feel like you have just walked in on the Loaded set.

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