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Game Type

Arcade Adventure



Release Date

Feb '96

Rapid Review

Blazing Dragons is a cartoon adventure where you are cast as Flicker, a lowly dragon who earns his crust by inventing objects. The king has set a challenge for his knights of the square table that will win the hand of his daughter and a chance to replace the retiring monarch.

Collecting various items along the way, you will need to find the inventions book that will offer you clues to the combination of these items that will provide a new invention to aid your progress.

There is also an element of interaction required to obtain ideas and clues to your whereabouts while the voices are provided by Monty Python's Terry Jones.

The graphics are cartoon orientated which are bright and colorful. The inventory takes the form of a sack which is carried with you on your travels and appears to be bottomless as it can never be filled.

The controls are easy to pick up with a shoulder button used to browse through Flickers abilities and the X button used to execute a command.


The puzzles are challenging without being unfathomable, the characters are amusing and the setting is colorful. Overall a nice game for the younger generation.

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