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April '96

Rapid Review

Brain Dead 13 is basically a clone of Dragon's Lair, the arcade laser disc game that cost us a small fortune in the eighties.

You play the part of Lance a computer repair man who is called out by Dr Neurosis to fix his new super computer Brain Dead 13.

Unknown to Lance the computer is complete apart from one vital element - a human brain. Once a brain is connected to the computer it will be capable of taking over the world and Lance just happens to fit the requirements.

There now follows a game of cat and mouse throughout the castles many rooms. The game contains clear and detailed cartoon graphics that have a touch of class about them.

The gameplay on the other hand is so frustrating with Lance being continually killed off, meaning that the game must be re-started over and over again. This is apparently the only reason that the game will last a long time - that's if you don't switch off and give up long before the end.


This game is typical of so many PlayStation titles, it looks stunning but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.

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