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Don't be fooled into thinking that Carnage Heart is a Mech Warrior type shoot-em-up because it isn't. This is a strategy game and a good one at that.

Carnage Heart is a turn based game where you must design and build these mechanical fighters and program them with an Artificial Intelligence. You are responsible for monitoring your factories, upgrading them, searching the market for new weapons, designing and testing your OKE (Over Kill Engines) before finally sending them into battle.

Prepare to grind through menus, sub menus and tick boxes in what is effectively a management game. Once the hard work is done you can sit back and cheer on your mechs as they enter the battlefield and carry out your instructions.

The battles are viewed in glorious 3D and it feels strange to watch your creations in action without any input from yourself. You see, your mechs will stand or fall by their design rather than a change of tactics on the battlefield.


Strange one this. You will either love it or hate it. Some will give it a go for an hour or so and then leave it on the shelf to gather dust. Others will disappear into their room for an age and only come out for food and water as it can become so addictive. If you enjoy management games or maths homework then purchase, otherwise invest in Mech Warriors 2 for an all out shoot-em-up action game.