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June '96

Rapid Review

Chess is a game of the mind and love it or hate it, you must respect the fact that it has been around for thousands of years. Let's be honest, Tomb Raider and Tekken will not be played in 200 years time, but you can bet your bottom dollar that chess will still be around.

If you do not understand the rules, strategies and tactics that make Chess so compelling then I recommend that you buy a book before attempting ChessMaster 3D as the game assumes the player has a degree of knowledge before you begin (although novices may be helped through their first games by the illumination of possible squares that the piece may be moved to).

There are 6 chess sets to select and a variety of 3D views from which to play them. The chess pieces appear in their traditional form, modern geometric shapes, modern art deco, mechanical car components, celestial form or a simple alphabet style with a 'p' for pawn and a 'q' for queen, etc. The game can be viewed from every imaginable angle or a top down 2D traditional viewpoint.

There are 12 skill levels that take the form of a profile from a selection of odd looking characters, from the cute looking Sarah to the ChessMaster himself who looks like God, so there should be a challenge there for everyone from a novice to a budding Kasparov.


Even with all it's fancy 3D views and modern chess pieces you cannot better the top down 2D view using traditional pieces and the squares that are properly numbered with each name listed. Strictly for chess buffs that own a Playstation.

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