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Game Type

Flight Sim/Shoot-em-up



Release Date

Jan '96

Rapid Review

Air Combat is the Playstations first flight sim and is combined with a shoot-em-up gameplay. The game involves flying seventeen individual missions across a selection of different locations and scenarios that you are expected to bomb, fight and generally flatten the enemy forces.

The game offers an easy learning curve with the missions beginning relatively simple, growing into tasks that will bring you right under the enemies nose.

Fear not, as you will be allowed to choose a wing man to watch your back, while a selection of aircraft and weapons will influence the outcome of your task. You may select from a F117 Stealth, F14 Tomcat or an A10 Bomber.

Each successful mission will reward you with an amount of cash that may be used to upgrade your craft or wing man.

Each mission is proceeded by a briefing where your targets are determined along with an indication of where enemy resistance will be encountered.


Air Combat is facing a stern challenge from Agile Warrior and Thunderhawk 2 and against them it is basically a point and shoot affair. The graphics are okay and the speed and sound effects are quite good This is worth checking out due to the fact that it can now be purchased at very reasonable prices.

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