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Highly acclaimed movie, The Crow, attained cult status among many fans during 1993/4. Following the tragic and fatal accident of Brandon Lee, during the filming of the final scenes, The Crow turned out to be a worthy swan-song for the films lead actor. The ironic storyline was of a man called Eric Draven, who was murdered alongside his girlfriend by a crazed Halloween gang. With his soul refusing to rest, the Crow allows him to return to take revenge on his perpetrators.

Three years later, we have the sequel, The Crow - City of Angels. This time a man (Ashe) and his son are killed because they witness a murder, and once again the Crow brings Ache back to life to wreak revenge.

You control The Crow (the reincarnation, not the bird) as he wanders around beating up the thugs. With the facility to kick and punch, duck and block, you must progress through the levels, facing up to three assailants at one time, in this 3D beat-em-up. The controller also incorporates a pick-up button for collecting sticks, knives and crow bars, which can be used to fend off your aggressors. In the later levels, you will find even more powerful weapons, in the form of guns and explosives.

The characters in The Crow - City of Angels are made up of textured polygons, while the levels are based on actual locations that feature in the movie, which will allow you to participate in back street scuffles and bar room brawls.


The motion captured characters move awkwardly and the camera angles are so bad they must be seen to be believed. The backgrounds are dull and the game is very repetitive. Buy it? I wouldn't.