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Nov '95

Rapid Review

This game is a 3D racer which features combat as an integral part of the gameplay. There are 10 winding tracks for you to master. You must collect and use weapons or speed power ups strategically to enable you to complete the course and if you finish in the top three you will be allowed to advance onto the next circuit. If you hit first place too early then your opponents will probably blast you out of contention very quickly, taking you from top spot to the back of the pack.

There are bonus tracks intermingled within the championship races and a higher difficulty setting to be unveiled which involves you tackling the tracks in the opposite direction.

Dispersed between races are some stylish FMV adverts that will raise a wry smile but the in-game graphics will disappoint the speed freaks who expect a 32-bit futuristic racing game to be displayed in a similar standard to Wipeout.


If this game can be purchased from the bargain basement then it will provide enough of a challenge to occupy yourself for a couple of weeks.

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