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Feb '96

Rapid Review

Assuming control over Zak, a convicted computer hack, you must infiltrate the lair of a megalomaniac who is threatening to destroy the world.

Essentially an interactive movie, Cyberia has a varying gameplay with the opening section having a shoot-em-up theme as you take out the enemy fighters that are attacking your base. The next mission is to navigate the maze of corridors in search of the booby trapped fighter plane.

Zak must solve a selection of puzzles beginning with disarming a bomb on a TF-22 fighter aircraft which he will be needed during the game. He must then hack into the system to unlock the bulkhead door.

Eventually Zak will reach the Cyberia complex where his search begins for the doomsday device. If your mission is successful then you will save the world and probably get the girl.


The game is well presented in a stylish and entertaining way but your mission will not last for long due to the fact that the gameplay is painfully easy.

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