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March '96

Rapid Review

Cast in the role of Laura Harris, you are informed that your father has gone berserk and committed a series of hideous crimes inside the Los Angeles City Hospital. The police are confused and request you to enter the building to help unravel this mystery. As you enter the hospital your vision becomes distorted and the surroundings begin to change. You are sucked into another dimension only to reappear in a spooky old mansion.

Laura's task is to explore the immediate surroundings before advancing on to new areas of the mansion which is divided into three distinct sections. Disc 1 is the ground level where you must investigate each room from the dining area to the cellar, looking for vital clues that will unravel this mystery. Disc 2 is set in the lower room and turret which takes Laura into a very ornate garden. Disc 3 is the Room at the Top where the final confrontation will take place.

As Laura moves through each level she will discover items that will aid her progress. The customary keys appear in two forms, jewelled and golden. These allow her unlock sealed rooms and open new areas. Weapons include a handy gun and a strange sword, while a small compact will offer you three cryptic clues for each level.


Although the game is short there are a couple of different ending which will prolong the gameplay. D is a mixture of tidy graphics and simple puzzles that combine into an adventure that may not be perfect but should hold your attention until the mystery is solved.

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